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We Provide Best Energy & Industrial Services

Oil and Gas Exploration

Leopold Offshore Engineering Company provides the best solutions to customers and stakeholders across a wide range of industry sectors through a unique.

Power & Energy Engineering

Leopold Offshore Engineering Company is the industry leader in the Energy, Oil Exploration, and Maintenance. The department is made up of highly skilled..

Chemical Engineering

Leopold Offshore Engineering Company Renewable energy minimise energy and power consumption and are a key part of sustainable urban development that seeks to combat climate change...

Oil Rigs Service & Maintenance

We have experience in the analysis of Jack-up structures in accordance with SNAME. This includes global analysis of hull structures with included wave load, wind load, deck loads, etc..

Oil Rig Pipe Servicing

We currently provide assistance services on Existing and New piping systems. Existing System: To recommend to you or your selected NDT company,.

Platform Evaluation & Renovation

We can provide draughtsman / engineer for onsite work to investigate scope or work, input data for drafting/calculations, design concept..


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